With over 10 years of experience in electrical power system, we have proven track record in selling our products to Oil and Gas to Marine industries. Rapid developments in the technology allow us to dedicate a quality product featuring safety health environment conduct and the up-to-date technology to meet up the standard code, applicable, and supporting optimum Customers’ operation. We are committed to serve our Customers’ satisfaction by providing lower cost of ownership product, building a mutual long-term business and relationship through solutions, Green Technology, and Customers’ trust.


We have a vision to become a leading Mechanical & Electrical supplies and services Company in Indonesia.


To achieve our vision, our mission is to build a long-term profitability business and relationship by providing the qualified products and services to meet an exceed customer expectation


  • Synergic networking
  • Effective and efficient organization
  • World-class quality products
  • After-sales service and on-site maintenance


  • Integrity for all in all-time
  • The spirit of excellence
  • Friendly relationship
  • Reputable company image
  • Growth through God’s Blessings


We are committed to provide excellent quality of Goods for oil and gas mechanical & electrical services in a manner that will ensure the health.

  • It is PT ADHARA’s Policy to perform to supply goods that meet or exceed Clients expectations without creating unacceptable health, safety and environmental risks.
  • PT ADHARA is committed to comply with all laws and regulations governing QHSE issues. This commitment includes continuous efforts to improve QHSE performance throughout is activities.
  • All operating hazards, associated risks and impacts are identified, assessed and controlled. This includes prevention or incidents and pollution.
  • As an integral part of Company’s objectives to achieve a long term business success, Line Management is accountable and responsible for implementing and enforcing QHSE objectives and targets.
  • QHSE Management System must be properly communicated to each employee and partner of PT AJP to provide with QHSE standards and requirements to ensure its implementation within the Company.
  • PT ADHARA shall provide professional staff and resources with competent degree of awareness to ensure its QHSE conformance and compliance to international standards and regulatory requirements.
  • QHSE Performance shall periodically be measured analyzed and continuously Improvement.